I am Norbu Kezang. I am a teacher of Chiya Primary School.

Monday, November 21, 2016

*Mess Your Life with Laughter*

Don't zip your laughter sense. Keep it going. Don't dominate it's  flavour. It's one pure jewel that won't cost you any penny. It just needs your lips to get wider and laugh aloud. The beauty of laughter can drool and reach your heart. Let the laughter pollute your emotion. Make it plenty. Mess your own self with this practise. Keep laughing. It empowers your esteem and it takes you ahead in life. You get to be happy, you make a living and that's when you mess your life positively.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Being a Teacher

Don't  hammer the confidence of their ability. There ability may not always subject to the literacy world. It's  not always about arithmetic, sciences, arts and languages.  Open up a window to let them fly beyond it. Into the garden,  they may wish to swiftly fly around and enjoy. Let them do. Why do you come around as a teacher and bang on their emotion? Let the will of their ability rush to empower their own self. The kids are amazing if you give them chance to prove. Don't be so teacherly with your technical strategies. Don't teach books. It's a cliché I understand but it's  a fact. Let them explore the world.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

The grace in you shall be the pride of us. Today I feel proud to call myself a Bhutanese because of your Majesty. You got down to earth and saved our lives. You led the troops and made us safe again. We are indebted to your reign. Thank You Your Majesty. We wish you a very Happy Birthday on your 61st Birth Anniversary.

Long live the 4th King His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

*What moves me is YOU*

You need not be a star to me. I would not bother anything about you. But just one thing of you proved the entire. You just reaffirmed me the fact that Buddha lives with us.

Well! Hold your breath friends. I got the best story to start your day. I wish to pluck my heart out to express this story and prove how touched I feel. I shall not exaggerate, I promise. If I do, it fails me to reach my word of appreciation.

"My friends are contributing alot. I don't have anything in cash. So, may I offer one of my kidneys to my Krodakali friend?" She told Rinpochoe. This conversation happened a little later after HH Dungsey Garab Dorji Rinpochoe's inititative of crowd funding a a kidney patient, Ms. Dechen Wangmo, a Krodakali practitioner.

And the story is about Tashi Deki, a woman aged 31 from Khaling, Trashigang who stood up with bravery to give out her part of flesh, the kidney. Did you feel anything now? Wealth is not everything that concurs heart. But it is the one's positive  heart and attitude that makes the world blossom. Everyone embraced the news of donor but somewhere a kick keeps battling within us because we could not be brave as her. And Tashi Deki shall be known for the story of BRAVERY and SACRIFICE. To some of us, it pains us to let even a single chhetrum flow for a positive cause. But somewhere in a corner, where there was no wealthy status, a wealthy heart was born. And she proves it clear. Tashi Deki had just these smiles when she decided to offer her kidney to her friend. Wow! A blissful feeling getting everywhere across my nerves. Upon someone's sacrifice, I feel so much of pride as a Buddhist.

Let's be close to learn something here. Let's not keep everything to materials that we own. Let's not assume the world extraordinary where money can just pay everything. In the story, the woman made forward to please us all. Her bravery concured all our respects. I applaud her. Let's pay her our deepest appreciation and respects.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Being Content

Be content. Don't stretch your network of thoughts to the sky. If you challenge to measure the height of the sky, you may have to be born million times again. It may take time. Why not live with what you have? Live in a small room where your heart can feel the rhythm and the tuning of happiness. It's being content. I know the pasture on other land may seem green but if you put in effort on your own farm, the charm would blossom too. It can be greener than the other pasture. It needs your attention. Don't jump to the conclusion. Take time to manage your thoughts. Resist the desire your brain commands you to work on, it would be a draft thought. Don't be flexible. The moment you rejoice is all because of the content thought you wear.

So Be Content.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Unknown message

A message beeped on his phone. He checked in immediately. He expected his girlfriend to miss him just once.

"Are you free?" The message read.

That wasn't his girl. The message was from someone unknown. The number wasn't saved in his contact. He neglected and put away his phone.

He waited patiently for his girlfriends message again. He was waiting. But a while later, the same number messaged him again.

"Are you free my dear?" The message read the same as earlier.

"Damn! People are irritating," he exclaimed. He put down his mobile and paid no heed.

Another time, there was a beep. The same message, the same number. He was frustrated. The same number messaged him more than hundred times. That killed him in his thought. He wasn't getting the message from who he expected.

"What the hell?" He roared, "You rot in hell," he replied to the number.

Finally, a message beeped. His girl friend did it now. He was so happy.

It read,"Make your time immediate to the hospital."

It shocked him loud. He ran to the hospital. And there he saw his mother bed ridden. A smile worn on her face, she glimmered for the last time. After few seconds of his arrival, his mother waved them goodbye.

The boy went near her. On her hand, she held a mobile. He took out from her hand and had a glimpse. Surprised! An incomplete message read, "Are you free dear? I am sure you have my number. I missed you a lot. I wanted to see you before I breath my last..."

Immediately he checked the number that he received messages from and to his dismay, it was from her mother.

Broken and shattered, he was drained in the emotional moment. He cried throughout.The time he waited for his girlfriend, he could have called the number and asked about. He regretted! And it ended everything.

Our King is our Example

Summer was harsh this time. It shattered many of the hearts that we shared love with. When a part of our nation felt the worst breakdown because of the summer rowdiness, Bhutanese did not fail to rise as one. We did not fail to prove a concept of "One Nation, One People." We did not fail to prove a Bhutanese heart. Indeed many of the Bhutanese shared the grief and prayed for the wellbeing of the country. And furthermore, there is a beautiful story.

Our King! We looked up to the most beautiful King in this world. He was Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck. When the entire citizens of the nation could just feel the grief, His Majesty the King was already into the flooded area. We saw our King drenched with the stormy rain, completely soaked with the bitter cold of summer rain, we could just stand up to stare on to the television and appreciate the best King. It touched millions of heart. It tore apart our emotion which pricked our eyes with teary taste, it was an emotion of happiness where we could feel the best king. And with pride we rose up and said, "This is my King."

No leader in the world would make a match. Our King works with heart and we know that he feels us every day.

Thank You Your Majesty!
Chiya Primary School